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Monday, February 15, 2010



1:49 PM

Smiley photos
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Group hug!

Huge Teeth!

I'm sleeping. YAWN

What's Vanda looking at?

Who's the gal in the mask and ooo Didi is so cute!
When did Didi start playing Wii?

Ooooo! The doughnut looks so yummy!
Oh-oh I think I'm going to drool! :)

10:32 AM

funny funny
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yesterday wake up at 8.00am.We go to the toilet and brush our teeth.We quickly get changed and eat our breakfast.After that we go to ballet class.We were in a rush because we were late.When we reached there,we went to join the others.After class we went to Kumon .

After Kumon we went for lunch at Ajisen . We had lunch with Ping Yi and Mei Qi.After lunch, we went to BORDERS.We stayed there reading books for an hour.Then we go eat ice-cream at SWENSENS.Then we go Ping Yi 's house to play.After that,we go to aunties house for dinner because a lot of people coming.After dinner we played some games with Jia Xuan.Then we go home.We slept at 12.00am.yawn :o

2:11 PM

High School Musical 3
Monday, January 5, 2009

Still waiting for this video, don't know when will it come???? Waiting waiting............

High School Musical 3 : now or never
Uploaded by topparents

2:58 PM

Fort Canning Park
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This is meimei beside cutie .The pink thing.

this is me beside cutie.

what a big pencil!


forward fire!

3:45 PM

Back From The Holiday

Our camper!

Just came back with my new toy!
Desert Hills Shopping Mall! Full of stuff to shop.
The Chocolate Factory!
Our Maggie Mee Lunch in the camper! (We were lazy to go out to eat)
Ooooooooo! Las Vegas!

Fountain of Wealth (just kidding)
The largest spool of thread in the world!

This lady's face is covered in clay!

The very first time seeing REAL SNOW IN MY LIFE!
The cold sea wind blows at us!
I'm putting starfish into place.

San Diego Seaworld (DOLPHINS)

The penguin looks so gross!

Marvin, the monkey

The fairytale castle!
I'm getting my face painted! Oooo!
We're sitting in Heimlich, the caterpillar!

Who's that playing beside the camper door?

Universal Studios!

For ONCE I go to Disneyland and get to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie! :)

Can somebody help me pull off this GIANT AXE?

Minnie invited me to her house!
We took a picture with Aladin and Jasmine.

Who are we sitting with?

11:39 AM

Trip (:
Monday, December 8, 2008

Trip to America.
You won't see me blog until I am back! (:
See Ya.

3:47 PM